Carrier Grade Nat and My Cloud

Hi there…
I’ve some kind of problems with my “MyClouf” and I hope you can give me some good advices.
It seems like my main problem is a CGN … Thats why I cant use portforwarding…
but relay is given me also problems after a short time period, or after a change of my public IP (which happens really often :frowning: ).
my hardware so far: mycloud 2TB, Cable Modem from Carrier (a simple cable modem wirh no NAT, but identificaton for ISP), Apple Airport Extreme as router, and a lot of stuff in my network :wink:
main intention of the My Cloud: access to my docs and sometimes music from everywhere.

has anybody some ideas to establish a good and working (for a long time) solution to get remote access?
It doesn’t matter if its direct or relay… but I don’t want to worry anymore when I’m outside my home how long I can access my NAS.
after turning off and on remote access in dashboard I can now connect from outside arround 12-24 hrs and then I doesn’t work anymore… even if the MC is telling me relay established in the dashboard… I cant connect via apps or wd2go… they are loading my device … and loading… and loading… and loading…
but theres no response (thats what it looks like).
WD is not warning of CGN… and the support documents are useless (contact your ISP), cause my ISP won’t change anything esp. for me :wink:

hoping for a working solution by you guys.

all the best and regards from a winter cold berlin,

oh oh… doesn’t look good for me :frowning:

if your ip is constantly changing, you can try a dns solution (i.e. dyndns)  although dyndns charges, there are a few free ones i think.

i think DynDNS is a problem with CGN, cause the public IP is different from the ID the router sees…

Your router should have a DNS setup so it will update the DNS with whatever the public IP changes to.  Not sure what you mean by different ID router sees

are you sure? the problem of CGNat is: the public ip and the wan ip are different… I can’t reach my router from outside with it’s ip cause the public ip is theoretical shared with other users (its a NAT before the endusers home) in preperation of ipv6 which will be available in the next few months by my carrier.
thats the problem with CGN. I’ve posted a link to wiki in my first thread. maybe it’s helpful to give me an advice for this **bleep** problem…
my carrier is really messed up, but it’s a shame that I can’t use my cloud like I want to :frowning:

Just re-read your first post, the Airport Extreme does not support uPNP. It uses NAT-PMP.

 Do you have another router to try with?

tried with a d-link… upnp doesn’t work cause there are no ports to forward.
ports are under permission of the carrier… in the first nat instance.

Generally port 80 and 443 is opened by default, but if your carrier doesn’t want you to run a webserver or something then it will be closed, which is why you’d need to forward those ports

maybe you won’t get the point… take a look at double nat in this support document

if your carrier does all the port forwardings, you’ll have to ask them to forward the ports for you.  Just set a custom port on the My Cloud and ask your carrier to forward it to your IP

thats my 1. post… they won’t. :frowning:
thats why I asked for any work-arround…