Caring for WD Elements 500g external drive

I’ve just recently started using my external drive ( and loving it, btw ), using it primarily to back up my macbook, as well as for movie storage (it saves from having to burn them, frees space on my mac’s hard drive, and I can hook it up to my xbox console and watch them thru that).

Being that I have important information that would be devistating to lose, as well as a good number of movies it took a very long time to accumulate, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to properly care for the drive so as not to damage it, and/or risk losing all of the files stored on it. Other than the obvious, not ejecting it from my computer properly etc, is there anything else that I should avoid to ensure the drive retains the files and continues to funtion properly?

ex: is leaving it plugged into something (laptop or xbox console, etc) for extended amounts of time bad for the drive, etc?

Any thoughts, opinions, and advice on the subject would be much appreciated…

One thought is not to use it as an only copy of important data. You need a backup 2 copied different on drives or media.