Capacity problem

Although I delete the files(2TB), there is no space on the disk.

it only frees up space when I delete all data(factory reset)

Firmware 7.13.1-165

I’m having the exact same problem. A quick Google seems to suggest this is a common problem, but I’m not finding any simple solution.

RohanJoseph gave a pretty good possible solution here and it is pretty straight forward:

  1. Check if Plex is the problem that is running in the background. Move or backup all files in the Plex folder and then delete the Plex folder with Shift-Delete in Windows Explorer or equivalent in macOS.
  2. If Plex is not the problem, it could be another folder that is being indexed or manipulated by a different background process. Move the files from the folder(s) and delete the folder(s). Recreate the folders later.