Capacity LOW, cant see any data

So I have a used x4000 and I reset to factory after 3 attempts. It’s all set up now and I can see the drive on my network and the shared folders, I do however have a notice on my LCD saying capacity low. Now I don’t see any data in the shared folders. So I’m confused. Is there a way I can delete data on my server. In the dashboard under drives and folder I see my shared folders but when I click on them it says something as to I don’t have access to them. But in windows explorer I can open the folders but they are empty.

remote to the server desktop and run dskmgmt.msc

my guess is it did not create the “D:” drive where the data normally goes and the “server Folders” is still on C:

Create D: in dskmgmt.msc then use the wizard in the dashboard to move the shares to D:

Awesome thanks

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was that your issue and fix?