Capacity Gauge does not work lights

On receiving my external Hard-drive,

My Book Essential
External Hard Drives
2 TB, USB 2.0

Model: WDBAAF0020HBK

I removed the smartware by following the steps mentioned on your site…

BUT the Capacity Gauge does not work …no illumination…no lights…

is it because I removed the smartware ?  …( as soon as I got it, I removed the smart-ware, so didn’t check it when it was installed…)

is there a way to make it work, even without the smartware as I don’t plan to re-install the smartware.

thanks ! :slight_smile:

P.S… …when the lights are ON , they’re supposed to indicate used space …right ?

because I filled it more than 25 %  so expected 1 out of 4 lights to get ON …but nothing happened …

I have that same problem, except when I bought it, straight out of the box, it had no lights at all. I have model number: WDBAAF0010HBK.