Capacity Free Fluctuating

Have a PR4100, 4x2TB Drive in each bay, (raid 5 6TB) Upgraded to OS5 5.03.103 recently and noticed that the capacity figure (GB free) in the local dashboard is fluctuating daily, sometimes up 20-30GB difference and i have not deleted or added anything new to the system. In addition the ios app gives a free space capacity which is totally differently (upto 60-70GB difference) to the figure appearing on the dashboard. As a result I am receiving warnings that the device is nearing capacity, which it is not.
Anyone else having the same problem?

@Captain100 Thanks for your feedback.
Please let us know

  1. Is the indexing on your device done after updating to My Cloud OS 5?
  1. Is that capacity increasing or decreasing?
    If it is just increasing it means the indexing is not yet done and the device is keep indexing the content.

Regarding the discrepancy of the capacity on iOS and dashboard (Admin UI), We will report it to the engineering team.


Hi, Thanks for getting back, the message regarding indexing in progress was showing when i updated to OS5 but after a few hours the message had gone and has not reappeared.
The spare capacity is decreasing, i have attached a few screenshots of the dashboard which demonstrate this, plus ios app screenshots taken at the same time which show the discrepancy in the spare capacity. I have not used the NAS with the exception of logging in a few times a day to monitor any issues, no files have been added or removed, with that in mind where is all my spare drive space going?

@Captain100 Do you have any Auto backup setup on your device/Mobile App?
Or is there any other backup job is going on?

On this NAS I have about 6000 Photographs and about 1000 mp4 videos, the only app I have on there is the anti virus and I run that manually. As at time of writing free space has now decreased to 190GB. I have backed up the data to another NAS and turned the PR4100 off as something isnt right here.