Can't Write to External Drive from Mac, can from PC

I can move files from my PC to my Essential HD all day with no problems. When I try to copy files from my Mac it gives me no messages or anything but won’t copy to HD. Says Read Only when trying to transfer files from Mac to HD. Any thoughts?

It’s formatted for Windows NTFS not Mac unless you reformatted it. Try downloading NTFS-3G


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I’m a newbie Mac user and I’ve dumped 100’s of Gigs of music on this external from my PC and would like to do the same with some of my collection that I’ve now ripped into my Mac. Will installing this on the Mac do any reformatting or anything else that would cause me to lose any of my files on this external drive? Also, once I empty this external and reformat for Mac, will I still be able to read/write from PC? Sorry for my ignorance! Thanks All!