Can't web logon after OS5 upgrade and 40 sec reset

Successfully upgraded to OS 5, but had to do a 40 sec reset to be able to access. Can access the EX2 Ultra dashboard, but am unable to logon to a user account using a browser. The message is that it can’t connect to the device and suggests making sure the device is on the network, and making sure the firmware is current. Know the device is on the network since I can access the dashboard. The firmware is whatever ended up after the OS 5 upgrade.

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Hi @TomCarp,

Please refer to the article of How to Access a My Cloud When Connected Directly to a Computer:

Maybe check that the links are working???

Have you re-booted your router?

Mine it is still not accessible after installing OS5… still clinking red led, also after many resets 4-40 seconds… Any solution from WD ?

Thank you all for taking the time to help. I’m successfully past the OS3-OS5 upgrade and 40 second reset, although it wasn’t very smooth. (mux1986: sorry about the device /network issue you’re seeing. I was lucky not to run into those kinds of issues) The original issue for this post was logging on as a user after the upgrade. I was able to access the dashboard pretty much anytime I tried. The big “ah-ha” regarding the user account access was when I learned that a new cloud account needed to be created before any user accounts can be created. There was a little “ah-ha” figuring out that a different URL was needed for users to
remotely access the NAS. Once all that was understood the rest of the upgrade/account setup went smoothly. I created another post lamenting how poorly I found the transition documentation.

This is an update 6 months after starting this thread.

I don’t access the Ultra EX2 often. When I tried this week I ended up being asked for a Device Code. Don’t have the original paper work, and the device label on the EX2 doesn’t have a Device Code.

Am I using the right web address to remotely access the EX2 (

No. is for the My Cloud Home device, which is a completely different device than the My Cloud line of devices. To access the My Cloud web portal for remote access one uses: (select “Sign into My Cloud” on the right)