Can't Wait for the Hub

I can’t wait until I can get my hands on one of these puppies… The new look is really sweet, and having an internal 1TB hard drive is perfect for storing the stuff I watch/listen to most often. Thanks WD for delivering the two things I really wanted most when I first got my Live.

You can order now at Bestbuy for 229 plus shipping or the wd store for 199 and free shippin

(]Click here for WD Store

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$199 at WD, $199 at BB (US), $229 ($CDN)

Waiting for this to come out on Amazon since they have great customer support 

What would make it better on this product is to be able to change out the HDD for a bigger storage than 1 terabyte. I use a 2 terabyte right now and about to upgrade to a 3 terabyte.

It might be possible…  But those drives don’t exist yet.   The drive in this box is a 2.5" “Laptop” drive, not a 3.5" drive.   1TB is the largest in existence right now.

Picked up a WD TV Live Hub yesterday at Best Buy yesterday in San Diego for $199 after asking to price match WD online store.   I am upgrading from my WDTV Live.  I’ve been following it’s release since it was accidentally sold in Canada.  So far the user interface is a big improvement however it still needs alot of work.

So far I have a few issues.  The first is that it is a pain to transfer files onto device.  Since you can’t connect your computer directly to the WD TV Live Hub you either have to transfer files over network or use usb sync option on device.

The usb sync seems like the most viable option with a transfer rate of 14Mbps which is still slow.  Also, the problem with usb sync  is that it creates a directory called ‘usb sync’ on internal drive on Hub and are unable to pick and choose what files you want to transfer.  There is a network sync option as well and I think you can create folder on network share that you can designate as folder you want to keep in sync with Hub.  At least there you can move files you want to sync.

I also found a bug with Pandora.  While listening to music, you can navigate away from Pandora screen but once you go back to Pandora, you have to click on your account and it automatically logs back in and stops the current songs and starts a new song.  

you can’t just connect a USB drive, choose the file to copy, and copy it over into a specific folder? That is a pain…

The speed of USB2 doesn’t bother me too much… I’m pretty patient :slight_smile: Copying over the network will be even slower for me since I only have a G network.  Even if the sync has to be used, I’m sure you can always edit the files and place them into the right folder after you copy it over, even if that requires using your PC to edit through the network. 

Yes, you can use the UI to copy or move files to specific folders. He was referring to the Sync function.

Actually, I can’t find another way to copy or move files to specific folders besides computer access.  Problem I am experiencing is after I perform a usb sync of my connected hard drive, it creates a folder called usb sync on internal drive.  I transfer files from this folder into my other folders I have created on my internal drive and delete the usb sync folder which is now empty.  For some reason now, if I remove my external hard drive and plug it back in, it gives me a prompt asking if I would like to sync.  I select yes and observed the process of the usb sync from my computer through network share.   Apparently the device recreates the usb sync folder and transfers all files again even though you have moved them to another folder. 

If anyone knows the steps on how to pick and choose which folders or files you want to transfer from external hard drive to internal hard drive using Hub UI, please let me know.  I’ve gone through the UI several times and read the instructions manual with no luck.

I don’t have mine in front of me right now, but I *THINK* this is the process…   ( I know it is POSSIBLE, because I’ve done it a few times.)

Go “Highlight” a file you want to copy.

Hit the OPTIONS button (or is it MENU)

It will pop up a menu.

Select COPY.

It will then ask you to navigate to the DESTINATION you want.

When you reach the location, select the option “Copy Files to Here”.

If you do NOT want it to Sync automatically, go turn that option off in the Setup Menu (I cannot remember off-hand which submenu it’s in, but you’ll be able to find it easily.)

You are correct.   If you remove files from the USB_Sync folder, it will re-sync them.     It does not track the location of the file if you move it, therefore it thinks it’s a new file to be synchronized.

Thanks for the info. I am not using the remote that came with the Hub. I’m still using my harmony remote that was programmed for my old WDTV Live. I’ll try this when I get home.


I was asked to contact you and validate the Pandora issue you are having.  I have tried to reproduce this issue based upon the information you provided, but I have been unsuccessful.

Can you please provide me with additional information so that we can try to reproduce this?  (what buttons you pushed to move through the interface and back out to the home screen then how you navigated back into Pandora and experienced the issue.

Thank you

James K.

I can try to replicate the issue again this evening. I’m currently at work.  I can give a brief description of what happened.  Basically after selecting station the music loads and plays.  I then proceeded to go to view other features like accuweather and also navigated out of the services menu.  I went to files and video options to make sure that all my settings were the way i wanted them to be.  I think the device went into screen saver mode as well.  After navigating back to the Pandora service, it didn’t bring me back to the ‘now playing’ screen.  It brough me back to log on screen with option to click on my current email address or log in as new user.  After I clicked on my email address, it went back to the ‘now playing’ screen and stopped my current song and played a new song. 

I will try again when I get home to see if I can reproduce the bug. 


I figured out my problem.   After playing a song in Pandora, it creates a ‘Now Playing’ option.  I am able to go back into radio station by selecting this option instead of going into services and selecting Pandora again.  Thanks for looking into this.

Your very welcome