Can't view the files in the Main Hard Drive and WD External Drive

I have up-dated the firmware from to and when I access WDSmartWare I can see the windows for both the computer HD and the WD Passport HD and both have indications of the drives storage capability and how much of it has been used. However, there is no graphic indication of the categories of files contained on the drives. When I switch to “Backup” I see the same situation without the graphics in either window. I can retrieve files that I just created as a test, so I know the WD must be working.  Is the lack of visual (graphic) indication normal for ver. ?

Also, from time to time when I turn-on my computer with the WD already connected, the WD Passport is not recognized. I pull out the cable and reinsert it and the WD drive can be recognized.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Download the latest flash and java updates.

Flash Player 11.1


If you continue to have the same problem then download the latest Smartware version.

Thanks for the response, I download the suggested Flash Player and Java and still can’t see the graphic indication of files. So, what can I do next?

Thanks again,


Hi Wrahn:

Something that should do is uninstall the Smartware software from you computer and reinstall it again… Now before you install the most recent version of the Smartware you must be sure that you have the following applications up to date:

**Adobe flash player 10 or 11

**Java TM6 update 29 or 30

**Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or 4

For sure it must work