Can't view PR4100 NAS in iMac Finder

Hello folks,

This has only happened in the last couple of days - I can no longer view my PR4100 in the iMac Finder window, nor can I view my G Technology external drive which is attached to it. Both used to appear under the Devices section in Finder. It also appears that I can’t access the PR4100 via the safari web browser.

I’ve tried going into Finder preferences, all the relevant boxes appear to be ticked, and I’ve also tried resetting the PR411 to no avail. All four LEDs are constant blue, so no problem there. I’ll be very grateful if someone can advise how to get things back to normal so that I can view the NAS in Finder.

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

UPDATED: Problem solved, network connection was the issue.

Hello davys,

You should contact WD support as the device is not showing in the finder and you have tried troubleshooting.