Cant view pictures on samsung s5 mini

Hello guys

lets see if anyone can help me on my problem.

I have a My Cloud, until today a havent had an issue. Well that changed, i just got my Samsung S5 mini, shoot a few pictures and uploaded them to My Cloud using My Cloud App, the issue i have now is that i cant view the pictures i have taken with my phone, i can view all the other pictures i have on the My Cloud, the pictures i have taken with my phone those i can view on my laptop, my wifes phone, but for some reason, i cant view the pictures i have taken on my phone.

Its really weird, all other stuff is working fine except this.

Any help is appreciated

Do you get an error message when you try to open them, or do they not show at all? Other things to try are reinstalling the app, clearing your phone’s cache and testing if other devices have the same issue when uploading files. You can also test if the pictures can be opened with WD Photos, but you will need to upload the files to Public Share for testing.


Thanks trancer

apparently all it took was to reinstalling the app and clearing the phones cache, weird, but it did the job.

Thanks for the swift help

My pleasure.


**bleep** it still does the same thing, it lasted a few days and were back to the same problem.

i have absolute no idea why, but since it only does it on this S5 mini, i am gonna take a guess that the phone/android has the issue.

**bleep** hoppefully sometime down the road, this will get fixed.