Cant view my Network Drive (My Book Live)

Hi all,

So long story short I have a clean version of Windows pro build 1909 and I cant view my network drive. I have another laptop running Windows home which can view the network drive without any issues. The only thing I did differently was enable File network discovery after clicking on network, I tried this same process on my windows 10 Pro main PC and that didnt work? I have also tried making sure both devices are on the same workgroup and that doesnt work for the main PC only the laptop running windows home.

I dont know why Im having such issues seeing the network drive im struggling to see how a slim version of windows 10 seems to work without any issues yet the pro version of windows 10 isnt working at all.

I have also tried to enable SMB file sharing support in the windows features as well but this still doesnt work.

hopefully someone can help me as this is extremely frustrating.



You could refer to the following link: