Can't view files on iPhone XS (v12.3.1)

Hi - I am using MyCloud on an iPhone using WiFi I can navigate to where my files (.JPG) are stored on the remote MyCloud drive. However, I can’t look at them other than as a thumbnail image. There is no option to select the image or the file name, and there is no option to swipe in any direction to view the file. It looks like WD Photos was sun-setted but the options to view should be in the MyCloud IOS App.

I’m obviously missing something fundamental here but any help is appreciated.

PS: I can access them fine on the remote drive from my Mac.

Thanks in advance - Nigel

So when you swipe, you get NO menu?

…and when you just tap the filename, it doesn’t open?

I’m using an iPhone 8+ with 12.3.2 and it’s working fine for me…

That’s correct. I’m using an iPhone Xs running 12.3.1 and the App seems very basic. All I can do is view the directories on the remote WD MyCloud device, then see a list of thumbnails and their file names.

Weird. I guess it must be a bug specific to the XS? The app on my 8+ works well.

I use an iPhone Xs running 12.1.0 also has the same problem. Also I have another error, when I open the MP3 the file suddenly disappears. I have used it to save music for 7 years

Hi - something odd with a positive outcome has happened. The eMail address that I was using to sign on to the MyCloud App/Service on my iPhone was refused, despite using it many many times in the past (and it didn’t even get to the password check). I looked at the small print below the Login, and there was as ‘add device’ so I selected this and it took me into my remote NAS drive and I can now navigate to all folders and view all photos as well as play all videos.

Like I say, odd but at least I have a working solution now.

Good luck - Nigel