Can't use windows shares after upgrading to FW 1.02.17

The dialog page that used to show the list of Windows servers with file shares to connect to shows a progress circle rotating endlessly.

Tried rebooting WDTV, Windows machines, does not help. Network diagnostics shows all green. I use wired network if it matters.

This regression has bricked the device for me as I used it only for playing media from Windows shares.

Is there a way to flash the previous version of firmware?

try a Factory Reset and re-add your shares

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

if worse comes to worse, yes … you can Rollback the firmware to the previous one,-wd-tv-live

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Thanks! The factory reset did not help, but the rollback to the previous version helped. I’ll try to upgrade and troubleshoot the new firmware some more a little bit later when I have more time.