Can't use WD My Cloud Desktop (Mac) to stream video

Hello Community,

Does anyone know how to stream video on WD My Cloud Desktop (Mac)? Every time I “open” the video file then a download is started in Safari instead of the video to stream directly in a player.

Thank you for your help.

p.s. WD My Cloud Desktop (Mac) is the newest version.


Streaming a video remotely from the My Cloud is not supported. You will have to download it in order to play it.

If the WD Cloud is connected on your local area network, same location and same network as your mac, then you will need to map your drives to your Mac before you can watch your movies without having to download or copy them to your mac.

Mapping the Devices as a drive

This is how I’ve been using the NAS device by mapping the device as a local drive. SMB for Mac. After mapping the shares as a drive, with the gigabit ethernet, the shares almost feels local.

On my Mac, once your WD Cloud is powered up 

  1. in finder, click Go

  2. select connect to server

  3. click browse

  4. you should see wdmycloud, double click on this 

  5. you will see Connected as: Guest,

   a. if you have already created users with access to certain shares then you must click on ‘Connect as’ and enter your       userid and password.

  1. select the shares that you want to connect and they will show up on your desktop. 

now browse over to your movie folder and double click on any movies and they should play immediately.  

Remember to get the free Mplayerx from the Apple App store as this will play all the formats including MKV without problems.  

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Thanks for your reply! But I find it cool if you could add this function(video streaming) to the next version of WD My Cloud Desktop!  

Thank you:smiley:

Hi hamserami,

May I ask what type of video are you trying to stream?

Divx player works as well!

most of them are MKV.

May i ask u, is the playback smoothly all the time or not? I finde it will stop 1-2 sec once in a while when I play full hd MKV.