Can't use MBL with Xbox

Hi there, 

I’ve just purchased a MDL 1TB, I’m trying to stream videos to Xbox but there’s no way to make it work. 

I’ve started Twonky in the MBL setup, but under “videos” on xbox dashboard (precisely under videos->my videos app->video player) I can only  find Zune Video, Computer…no twonky. Xbox can connect to internet, no problems on the lan. 

Macbook can find MBL on the lan and I can stream videos to Mac. 

Any suggestion? 


Try to look at twonky configuration at MBL_IP:9000. There should be a page with a list of DLNA receivers. XBOX device may have been disabled from there (however I think you should see the twonky server from xbox but would be unable to access it).

Try to check you router/firewall settings to detect blocked ports.

Try to use a static IP on MBL.