Can't upload files to external harddrive linked to my WDMyCloud

I’m stuck with a problem I cannot seem to fix myself so I was hoping somebody could help me with it. I’ve put a normal harddrive from WD via the USB in my WDMyCloud and set it up as usual. But it can’t seem to upload files anymore. It’ll show the following mark.

I’ve set al my settings to open as following.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Greetings Wieger

What have you tried so far? Does the hard drive work on its own? Does ejecting your hard drive so it can be set-up again work? Do you have another USB hard drive you can use in order to test if the issue relates to the USB port on your NAS?

Hi Trancer, Sorry for the late reaction, had little time to work on it. I figured it out bij taking my files of the hard drive and erase it completely. Now it works again. Thank you for you thoughtfulness