Can't upload/download file via from outside network

Hello guys,

I got a problem when i try to download or upload file from outside network via
Everything is ok when working from my Local Area Network.
I’m using My cloud PR4100 which is plugged to Wireless router directly.
I turned off all LAN firewall and tried to reset My cloud many times, but this problem cannot be fixed.

Anyone can help me?


Please take a look at page #40 of the WD My Cloud Pro owner’s manual. Hope it helps.

Im having the exact same proble, did you find the solution?

I found that this problem come from my network. It’s ok when I tried plugged my cloud to other network.
I’m trying to find out the reason of this problem. But now i have no idea!

Hi DanielGal,

I fixed this problem. You have to verify that your router supports UPnP and it is enabled!
Try it bro!