Cant update Smartware

On opening WD Smartware application I am continually prompted to update my software. The ‘Home’ tab indicates that I am currently running on version

However when I follow the link to the WD S/W update page, download the WD Smartware updater, unpack and run it I get a message saying ‘No WD Samrtware sofware udate is required’ - ‘WD smartware version (1.6.4) is current’.

I have tried this half a dozen times now.

What is going on here?

Perhaps an update is needed to fix the bug telling users to update the sofware- How’s that for ‘e irony’?

Also, if the drive enters ‘sleep mode’ how can it be woken up (without resorting to disabling the sleep function completely)?. I addition to using the automated backup procedure I am using the drive as a conventional external drive and I frequently need to access files and documents.

Thanks in anticipation

I wouldn’t bother with the update unless you are having issues. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Sometimes you need to do the do the update from a Windows machine. I know it sounds dumb but I’ve seen a lot odf posts about it.


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The message you are referring to will show up when there is a new Smartware update or a firmware update for the hard drive, if you only do the Smartware update, it will keep showing up. You can either update the firmware for the hard drive, or disable the update message from the Smartware setup menu, but as Joe said, you don’t need to do the firmware update if the hard drive is working fine. 

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Thanks for the assist. I see what you mean.

Unfortunately my original problem (the drive keeps falling asleep) keeps recurring.

Someone advised me to alter the sleep timer settings which I did (setting it to ‘never’ but the **bleep** thing still keeps falling asleep. The only way to wake it up is to unplug the data cable (or so it seems). Its just like trying to wake up a lazy teenager in the morning - it ‘invariably falls back to sleep and only gets up after lots of ‘persuasion’’.

Perhaps I do need to update the firmware??

When I bought this drive I didn’t realise it was going to turn into a hobby!

Thanks again