Cant update new 1.03 firware

Why cant I update to the new firware, I have had 2 of them for about 1 year and neither of them will recognize the .bin and .ver file on my passport, or thumbdrives. Have selected the reset system in the menu and also have reset both devices with the reset button on the side, PLEASE HELP

Are you sure your downloading the right Firmware version? What is the model number of your device?

1.03 - This update is for WD TV HD Media Player generation 1 (model:WDAVN00).

1.01.77 - This update is for the newest generation of the WD TV HD Media Player (model:WDBABF0000NBK).

1.00.60 - This update is for the WD TV Mini media player.

Check your stuff :wink:

Wow.  Way to resurrect an old thread.  ;)