Can't Update Firmware or Install WD Smartware

I am using a WD 3200 Elite.

I have tried multiple times to update Firmware and to Install Smartware - EXACTLY  [I feel] in accord with the instructions on the Support site.!  Anti-virus disabled, etc etc

The process always hangs up on the “rescan” step in both cases.  It keeps asking  me to connect the drive to be scanned - even though the drive is already connected and recognized.

The WD Diagnostic indicates all is OK with both physical drives. I can read and write to the drive OK.  I have also receive a “Delayed Write Error” from windows during the course of the update process.

I’m not so sure I even WANT  to install Smartware after reading some of  the postings - but  I would certainly like to get at least a successful Firmware update, and also determine whether I am somehow doing something wrong, or … ???

Pls Help, & THANX !


Well, connect the drive into a different computer, different USB port, with a different USB cable, jummm… However, this firmware is not required to use the drive effectively, mine works fine without it.