Cant update firmware "Invalid firmware file type"

I want to update my wd cloud to latest version.
But have problem.
When go web UI and chose this file then have error message:
“Invalid firmware file type. Please select a .deb file. (31302)”

What is going on? On official wd page is .bin file

What is the current firmware version of your My Cloud device and what version are you trying to update to?

If your firmware is v4.x (first gen single bay My Cloud) it cannot be updated to v2.x or v5.x used by the second generation single bay My Cloud.

I have the same problem.
I have My Cloud single bay firmware number : v04.05.00-342
I’m trying to upgrade to 2.41.116 (12/08/2020) to be able to install OS5
When updating, it says Invalid File Type. Please select a .deb file. (31302)

So you are saying we are stuck with this firmware? But why?


You are trying to update a different devices firmware to a first gen single bay My Cloud. The second gen single bay My Cloud has different hardware. The first gen single bay My Cloud has been relegated to End of Updates status by WD.

WD Product Software Support Status

End of Updates - For product out of warranty and no longer manufactured in the last 4 years: end of software and technical support.

If one wants to try using an alternate OS on a single bay My Cloud, there are several discussions on various OS’s one can try and use.

Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other “firmwares”

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Thanks a lot Bennor, this is well explained

If anyone cares the hardware difference between the two single bay My Cloud models:

Model: My Cloud (Gen 1)
Code: SQ - Sequoia
Specs: Mindspeed Comcerto 2000 M86261G-12 Dual Core 650 MHz, 256 MB RAM
Note: Part Number: WDBCTLxxxxHWT-00. Firmware 03.xx.xx and 04.xx.xx
Note: Firmware 03.xx.xx has 4K pages and firmware 04.xx.xx has 64K pages.

Model: My Cloud (Gen 2)
Code: GLCR - Glacier
Specs: Marvell Armada A375 Dual Core 1.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM
Note: Part Number: WDBCTLxxxxHWT-10. Firmware 02.xx.xx

More info on hardware between the various My Cloud models can be found at the following two links.

Edit to add: Also anyone with a second generation v2.x firmware single bay My Cloud really should read through the OS5 subforums ( and see the various issues numerous second gen single bay My Cloud users are having with their devices trying to run OS5 before they update to OS5. The “indexing” feature alone in OS5 is crippling some people’s My Cloud for hours to several days. Some have had to resort to rolling back the firmware to OS3/v2.x in order to regain use of their devices. Rolling back is not supported by WD.

So WD is creating more costumers for themselves by ending OS 3 and forcing people with Gen 1s to buy for stuff? I already had to dole out lots of money when the mybooklive got “attacked” and had to buy a new WD drive and pay 70% on top. now I have to buy another device? I have been buying WDs since the 90s, but I may have to stop if they keep forcing me to buy new stuff while their old stuff works fine, yet they get “hacked” or “support is chocen not to be given”.

I’m not that tech savvy to use a 3rd party remote service. any way there is a dumbed down version?

It’s not even been few years that I have purchased OS3 WDBCTL0030HWT-00 for home purpose. However you are now saying that this can’t be upgraded, It isn’t fair that you are stopping the upgrade. If merchants give this useful information to customers then the would buy the updated ones.

Let say if your dealers would have informed that we are going to stop the upgrade soon as this was manufactured by WD in dinosaurs age and they will update their OS3 OS3 WDBCTL0030HWT-10 but not this one, do you want to go ahead. For sure I would have been at fault.

This is for you to resolve doesn’t matter if the product is old you should swap it with upgraded ones with the price difference. Why would I leave this device to take more space in my house. I think we should look for different service provider. I am just a smaller buyer, however how many of them in number comes to you for these queries. I feel that I have been cheated here.

Just an FYI. The first generation (P/N ends with -00) single bay My Cloud has been End of Software Support for a few years now (generally since late 2019 when the last v4.x firmware to fix security vulnerabilities was released). The first gen single bay My Cloud has less capable hardware than the second generation single bay My Cloud which, based on numerous posts to the OS5 subforum, can barely run the v5.x firmware. From WD Support:

WD Product Software Support Status

WD Product Lifecycle Support Policy

Support periods are each tied to the date on which a product was released by Western Digital, not when you purchased a product.

End of Updates and End of Support . Nine years after a product’s release, we may discontinue all updates, including critical software security updates. Western Digital may also discontinue cloud service support for a product in this phase. If a product feature depends on cloud services to function, that functionality will end.

My Cloud (P/N: WDBCTLxxxxxxx-00 August 2013 - April 2022