Cant turn on through app after being off for 24 hours

I have my wdtv plugged in with an ethernet cable. I used to be able to always access them from the wd remote app no matter how long they have been turned off. The app always showed my devices as a network option. Lately i have to power cycle my device and once it boots up it will appear. It works fine for about a day but if i ever go a day without using it it disappears from the remote app as a network connected device.
Any advice? I tried a factory reset but they still have the same issue. I have 3 devices, 2 with ethernet and 1 connected by wifi and experience the same issues with all 3.

I’m not using WDTV’s (haven’t for years) … but for devices ‘dropping off’ the network (which are usually assigned a Dynamic IP Address)

Go into your modem/router settings, look for Advanced Settings and then Address Reservation

In Address Reservation … find the wdtv and or device your using the remote app on

Assign them a fixed IP Address … then save.

In conclusion, i have a few devices that would work fine on my LAN and then randomly would disappear and sometimes reappear. Which, was very very frustrating.

I have added ALL my devices in Address Reservation a Static IP Address … which never changes, and has solved all my problems :slight_smile: … give it a try.

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I doubled checked and they are static. Its really weird. For about 24 hours after i turn it off i can still see it on the wd remote app as a device option and i can turn it back on. After that it has to be manually power cycled. Thanks for the idea though