Cant transfer videos

I took a few short videos of my grandkids this weekend from my sony camera. I have transfered them from the camera to a folder on my laptop. Now I want to transfer them from that folder to my passport but I get an error message that reads:

Are you sure you want to move this file without its properties? The file "such&such"has properties that cannot be moved to the new location.

can someone tell me what this means and what I need to do to be able to keep these videos to look at in the future.


Hi there, right-click on the folder that has the videos and select properties, make sure they are not read only or hidden and try again with a right-click> copy.

Your computer should not give you that error unless it thinks that you’re moving (rather than copying) protected or corrupted files…

There is a hidden file that’s created when you change your file views to icons.  If you copy everything over, including that file, you can get that error.  What operating system are you using?