Cant transfer large files and computer becomes slow

So whenever I try to move large files onto my hdd, the process will start however after abt 70mb the transfer will just stop and nothing will happen, also my computer will become supppppoer slow. As soon as i unplug the hdd all my computer programs will go back to normal speed and whatnot. I have a WDBAAU0010HBK-01, im not quite sure if im using the original power adapter i think the comapny is called “APD” output: 100-240v 50 - 60 Hz output: 12v 1.5A

Suggets you run diagnostics on your drive. it may be failing. the same thing happend to me and i found out that the sata bridge that was on the external eclosure was burn. and that was the reason i can’t copy file and my book being plug and unpluf automatically.