Can't transfer files to my WD Essential 320GB

Hi when i want to transfer large file to me WD Essential 320GB it goes wrong.

  • first it starts the transfer,bud half the way he freezes up.Then i hear ticking coming out of the drive.

I already tried to format the disk and put on new firmware bud still got the same problem.

What muss i do?

A “tick” or  “click” is never a good sign, did you try using a booster (Y-shaped) USB cable for more power? I’d also suggest to run a test on the drive using WD’s DLG.

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like pizza says, that clicking is not good news.  if the power booster cable doesn’t work, then the drive is bad.

I only use the original cable that i got whit it. So i better go back to the store and ask for a new one.

make sure you don’t buy a cable any longer than 18 inches, or it won’t even spin up.

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Contact Customer servie and ask about the Power Booster cable PizzaMatrix mentioned.


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