Can't stream WAV files, only MP3

Yet another quirk found on my My Cloud. When using the My Cloud desktop app, I can happily stream my music that is in mp3 format, but whenever I try to stream anything in WAV format it starts downloading it. There is also no ‘play’ option under WAV files.

Can anyone please tell me why this is and how to resolve it. Surely it doesn’t matter what format the media is, it should always have the option to stream it!!

I’m seriously starting to regret not buying something else.

Might want to read this, WAV and MKv are not designed for streaming to mobile devices, i have a WD Live media player which literally plays everything from my MyCloud effortlessly but don’t help for playing on iPad!!!


Although I’m not talking about streaming it to a mobile device. This is trying to stream it to my pc!

“Streaming” it to a mobile device is generally the same as streaming it to a PC when using the My Cloud (Twonky) Media Server to stream the media on the local network. When it comes to playing media remotely it depends on the software or app being used to connect to the My Cloud.

If you are streaming across the local network have you tried streaming from a different program than the My Cloud Desktop app? Don’t recall offhand if the Desktop app supports WAV files as I’ve only “streamed” MP3 files both locally and remotely from the My Cloud.