Cant stream vids on macbook

My daughter (not living in my home) can stream vids from my cloud located in my house using her PC, but she cant stream any vid using her new macbook air (os el capitan). She has the desktop app My cloud installed on both machine (obviously the PC app in the first one and the Mac app in the second one).

When she tryes to watch a vid on the Macbook the app firts want to download the move, then play it, but usually the vids are several Gigabytes larges, so its important to stream and do not dowload them.

Any idea?

Tnx in advance.



What type of files are you trying to stream?

Are you installing the latest version of the app?

Tnx for your help.

Any type of file (.mkv, .avi, .mp4)
She bought her Mac a couple of weeks ago, so i think she’s got the last app.

Have you got a Mac? Can you steam vids outside your house?

Please be patient, and thank you again.



I just tested, using the My cloud app, she will need to download the files to play them on her Computer.

Might be possible using a third party app.

Well, this can easily be done using My Cloud app on iPad or iPhone. but a Mac computer is a different beast. I, too, think a 3rd party program on Mac could make it work, so Mac users, come to the rescue here.

Welcome to the world of Apple computers.
At least she has a PC that CAN stream them.

Thank you you all for your help.

A third party?
What does it mean?

Is there an alternative app to WD my cloud desktop?

Best regards