Can't Stream Video Files (anymore)

All of my Android devices stopped being able to stream video. Whenever I click on a file, I get the “Can’t play this link” error. I can download the file to the device and it plays just fine. But, nothing streams. I noticed a firmware upgrade was available and upgraded. Sadly, it didn’t fix my problem. Any suggestions? I should also mention that very recently, deleting a file using my Android device(s) started working strangely. It puts the delete task in “Activities” and eventually it will delete the file. It sometimes takes hours to do so though. Deleting files using my PC (and the MyCloud app) works fine.

Here’s an update. The error message is actually coming from my video player. I’ve tried several different video players and none of them work (though they have in the past). Media serving is turned on for the folder(s) and I’ve run a quick diag on my WD device which detected no errors.

I suspect that my device is slowly dying. I have no issue with replacing it but would like to be able to make sure it needs to be. Any help is appreciated.

@mhogan I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone and can play my videos. I have played MP4 and WMV. What movies are you trying to play?

Thanks for your reply. I’m trying to play .mkv and .mp4 files. It actually started working again (I can now play video files) but the delete issue is still there. I’ve got some other strange things happening as well so I’m about 97% certain my device is slowly dying. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the death of their MyCloud and, if so, what symptoms they saw.

@mhogan I haven’t had a problem with my My Clouds. I have had hard drives go out on me, one on the first Apple computer we owned and two on Desktops I have owned. Yes, things started acting up. A reboot might correct the problem for a day or two but eventually they quit working.

Do you have everything on your My Cloud backed up?

I can recreate everything if I need to. This doesn’t feel like a hard drive issue though. Deleting files works fine if I use my PC. It’s the mobile app that doesn’t work (I’ve tried multiple devices). Again, to be clear, if I wait long enough (sometimes hours) the file will eventually be deleted.

Also, I can copy, upload, move files from any device with no issue. Also, the delete problem was noticed first from a remote (not in my house) device which by itself is kinda strange.

When I try to delete a file using the Android app, instead of immediately deleting the file, it adds the delete activity to the “Activity” list and it’s shown as “In Progress”. If I clear the list, the “In Progress” deletion also disappears. Then, the file isn’t deleted (even with a delay). With all other activities (move, copy, upload, etc.) if I clear the list, the pending items aren’t removed. Since deletion normally happens pretty quickly, removing a pending deletion when clearing the list may be normal behavior. I have no way of knowing for sure.

I’ve unplugged every other device from my network leaving only the router, MyCloud and the Android devices. Deleting files still takes a long time. I can only assume that whatever mechanism/protocol being used for the PC is different than what is used by the Android apps. And, whatever is used by the Android apps is FUBAR.

Yeah, I know, I’m rambling. Maybe it will help someone else.