Can't start up properly

Hi there ppl, bought my WD sentinal for my Media business last sunday. The problem started when i logged in on to the IP add and I downloaded and run the exe setup. on the guide book it said it will take 30mins to load up but more then half hour went by it only went up to 4%. So i stopped the set up and switch off everything. i press down the reset button at the back of the sentinal and started up the sentinal. it did the neccessary msges and check but stalled on the msg" Loading OS please wait…". I tried many times to restart and start again but still the same msg all the way. I even left it over 7hrs on with the same msg. But after that theres no diff. Please Help…:cry:

You should never power it off.  Whatever is easiest for you.  Return it or rebuild it.  The rrecovery instructions are here.

Some folks have reported it staying at loading OS for up to 5 days.  You can probabbly do the recovery quicker.