Cant Sign in using Safari

When I try to sign into MyCloud, I put in my login/password, it quickly goes to a screen where it says “Signing in…” before getting kicked to another screen with a pic of a girl sitting at a computer and another button to sign in. When I click that button to sign in, I get kicked back to the same screen. I use this for my small biz and can’t do billing without it! PLEASE HELP!

What ‘MyCloud’ are you trying to sign in to?

Are you attempting to access the My Cloud Dashboard (ex: http://wdmycloud or http://wdmycloud.local)? Or the My Cloud web portal (ex: They are two different web addresses.

Also check any browser ad-on’s (if the browser supports ad-on’s) in particular those ad-on’s that block scripts, ads, and cookies as certain programs can block access to the My Cloud Dashboard or the My Cloud web portal.

@jrzane Look at this and see if it helps.