Can't shut down and now no dashboard

I tried to shut down my My Book Live Duo this morning and am now stuck:

  • drive won’t shut down after repeated attempts via the WD quickview shortcut

  • drive is still mounted and files visible in Finder

  • NOT able to access dashboard

  • light on drive blinking for the last couple of hours

  • Raid status and S/N show in Quickview, but Temperature and Space available show as “unknown”

Since I can neither shut down the drive, nor get into the dashboard, I’m stuck. Is there an alternative to unplugging the drive while the light is blinking, thus risking all my data?

Mac OSX 10.8.2

My Book Live Duo 4TB, RAID 1

Thanks for any advice!

Try the reset button at the back. It’ll clear the owners password, reset the root password and perform a clean OS shutdown and start-up.  That would be the first port of call.

Thanks, it came back up with no ill effects!

Cool. Mark your comment as the accepted answer. Do you have any information to the lead-up to this issue? I’m reasonably sure that Western Digital would love to have a copy of your MBLDs log files as it may indicate what the problem was. It’s also because the something in the MBLD has become unstable and this time a quick press of the reset button was all that was need.

pietower - I had a similar expexperience with a MBL (not Duo). See my post
I am awaiiting contact from WD Support. I’ll let you have some feedback aftervthey have contacted me