Can't share mybook folder on winxp

We have

  1. MyBook set up as RAID 1 (2TB) on one Win XP SP3 computer.

  2. mybook subdirectory shared under windows with read privileges

  3. a second Win XP computer can not map the subfolder (or even entire drive if shared); error message is

 Not enough server storage is available to process this command

  1. folders on the regular internal disk in the first computer are shared and work just fine

  2. i have not updated ipstacksize as recommened in some places

What’s the difference between sharing a mybook folder and a regular folder?

Oops, in the past I have shared USB drives on this computer. But I just reattached one I had shared in the past and I still get the message, so the problem is not specifically with the mybook.



IS the second computer under the same workgroup name as the MBW? And what of the Network DDE and Network DSDM services? XP can kill a network if any of those services is not running. Try a third computer to check if you have the same mapping problems or try to map the first computer itself to the second computer as an alternative confirmation.

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They are all on the same workgroup name. I assume the services are working since I have shared a folder on the internal drive and that still works fine. I will disconnect this drive and try elsewhere, but I am collecting data and can’t do it now.


event viewer does show irpstacksize too small, so i will try that tomorrow morning

don’t know why it would happen all of a sudden

Changing the IRPStackSize (was non existent in registry) fixed the problem. [But caused other write issues.]

At least you got it working…