Can't set Backup Speed

I just bought a WD MY Book Essential 2TB external hard drive.  I have installed it and it appears to be backing up OK.  However, for efficiency I want to delay backups until the computer is idle.  I have followed the documentation but I have encountered a problem.  When I go to the Software Settings area, there is no Backup Speed area appearing on the screen for me to reset.  Does anyone know what I can do?  Jim

What version of smartware do you have?

I think this was removed on the last version

I installed the software which was embedded in the hard drive and then I updated it, as requested, to the latest software version 1.6.0.  If this function was removed during the last software version, then the user manual has not kept up with the software updates.  Jim

Well that’s correct… The manual only makes reference to the version that comes with the drive

Whatever changes that are done will be showing in the release notes

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