Can't send invite

I have added a few new users and want them to have web access on tablets or phones.
When I get to the point of actually inviting them and sending the invite., it’s greyed out and will not send.
Tells me at some point I need to sign in on the web browser to enable their invite, But when I sign in on website I get a message saying to log in to invite them…
What’s gone wrong. or have I missed doing something in the wrong order.

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@Princy557 Please help me to get the My Cloud Logs, and make sure to send it as a Private Message.

Sorry, I’ve no idea how to send a Private Message.

Hi, same happened to me. First you have to log on as administrator to your My Cloud, the same as when you created the new user. In the Cloud access tab invitation button for other users is greyed out as you mentioned. To enable the button you first have to click on you own admin user and log in to your cloud account.

Hi, I can open the files from the virtual harddisk on the pc but from the phone it stopped working, for the two users. I am the main user.I erased the app and downloaded again, MyCloudHome, log in, and I find my device manually. And here it comes the problem, afterwards *t asks me to request my self an invitation.!? I don’t know how to do it, the same happens on the website. What do I do? Does someone have a clue?