Can't select the volume for retrieval

I have to switch computers and I’m trying to retrieve data from my Smartware. I can select the retrieve tab (now that I’m directly connected via a usb cable), but I can’t select the backed up volume in order ton retrieve files. Any ideas why this “extremely easy” process isn’t??

Hi, you can explore the Smartware backup folder directly from the external hard drive. Inside the external hard drive you should be able to see a folder with the ‘smartware.swstor’ name, inside this folder you should be able to see all of your files. 

I’m also unable to see the folder you mentioned. Is it possible that I have the wrong usb cable? Normally I have the Smartware drive connected to my laptop via a cradle that has a connection in it’s base. The cord runs from the base to the port on the laptop. I disconnected it after reading that this type of connection sometimes causes the back-up and retrieve tabs to be greyed out (That was the first problem I experienced). I’m not certain the usb cable I am now using is the one that came with my SMartware device, but it seems to fit. If the cable is the issue, where can I get the proper one?

Try enabling show hidden files and see if that works.