Can't select folders in Anywhere Backup

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to this, and I struggle a bit. Have searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer. I hope you can help!

I’m using My Book World Edition 2 TB with my Macbook Pro. OS is Snow Leopard. 

I’ve also attached an additional 1TB USB drive, connected directly to My Book. 

I’ve stored pictures on the My Book. 

What I’m trying to do:

  • Backup the Mac onto the My Book

  • Backup the pics from the My Book onto the USB drive

My problem is that when I’m in Anywhere backup, I select a destination, let’s say one folder in My Book.

Then I have to select which files to backup. It shows me those Smartpicks, but I would like to choose more specifically. So I clicked on folders, expecting to be able to select which folders I want to be backed up. But that screens won’t let me select anything. 

I can see Devices, Shared, Places and Search for, all greyed out, in the left pane. That’s all. Nothing to select from.

So I might be able to use those smartpicks for backing up the Mac onto the My Book. But it certainly wouldnt work that way when I’m trying to back up the pictures from the My Book onto the USB drive.

Any help is greatly appreciated!



Hm, sorry about this - the selection is greyed out, but you can still select. Seems like a poor design to me. Not sure if that comes from using it on Mac, or if it’s a product ‘feature’. 

Now working on my backup plans…

I agree 100% with you. This is a BIG failing. Users absolutely MUST be able to select the folders or sub folders they want to back up. It is very restrictive to think that they can hold people’s hands and know what everyone wants and how they should be treated.

I have just installed it today. If this is seriously the case - and I hope I’m wrong - then I’ll consider retruning the product. Or use a 3rd part utility - but that would be a pity and counter productive.

A rediculous lack of foresight by WD…