Can't select files to backup using SmartWare

Hi, all. I have a Win8.1 laptop, which I recently used to replace a Win7 laptop. I recovered all my data files (which were stored on a D: drive on the old machine) and put them on the E: drive of the new one. Now, when I try to backup the new machine using SmartWare, I can select files on the C: and D: (recovery) drives, but not the E: drive. The checkboxes on the ‘Backup’ tab will not check for this drive, even tho the C: and D: drives do.

I’m running a MyBookLive 2TB system and Smartware V 2.2.0.

I thought it might be a permissions issue, but the permissions on the E: drive are the same as for the E:.



Have you tried to uninstall Smartware and reinstalling it?

Hi – Yep. Several times.

Here’s what I eventually did:

  • Rename the E: drive to G:
  • Uninstall Smartware
  • Reinstall Smartware

That seemed to do it, although on the ‘Backup’ tab, Smartware still calls the drive E:. But it seems to work.

Not sure _Smart_ware is the appropriate name for this.