Can't select files fron c hdd, neither the complete drive from a pc with 2 hdds


I have some strange problem with my new Wd live 2T.

I’ ve 2 hdd on my pc and i wanted to backup some files, not the complete drives. When i finally completed i made a restart and c drive files are deselected from the back up options…

I tried to select them again and apply the changes just to be sure that everything is ok but i cant select anything from C drive!

cant select anything from C!

What method are using to backup your files? If this issue is happening with SmartWare you may uninstall it, restart your PC, then download and install its latest version.


As you can see from the attach i use smartware version…

I deleted me first backup and I’m trying to get a second one!

i UNISTALLED the soft for reinstallation  and started again with no prob.

After 40 hours of backup i checked to see if my selection was ok and i found out a boot file on D Hdd selected.

I deselected the file boot from D drive ang the magic thing happened again….  

My C hdd selection completely vanished…. !!

Have you got any idea what could be wrong?

Is my WD LIVE Haunted  or am I just very unfortunate with the whole thing? smartware

I have not seen this before, I recommend you to contact WD and ask your case to be handled by their Advanced Support.