Can't Seem To Install My Book Essential (SmartWare) External Hard Drive Software

Sorry guys if you get sick of people asking the same questions over and over, I tried looking online for answers or a walk through and I just can’t find anything.

Basically I have one of the WDBAAF0010HBK-AESN drives that i’m trying to install on my Macbook Pro running OSX 10.5.8

Now I had no idea when I purchased the drive that it comes loaded with software etc and that the drive would be read only and would need to be reformatted as sorts when I wanted to use it as something of a passive drive. I am trying to install the software but I keep getting an area stating:

"There is no writable WD SmartWare partition available on the WD drive. This can occur if you are attempting to write to a WD drive formatted for a different operating system, or if the drive is locked.

Please make sure that this WD drive is formatted for the right operating system you are currently working on, and that the drive is unlocked."

Can anyone explain to me what I can do to get past this error, I am quite happy to not use this SmartWare software but I have no idea how to reformat my drive to be writable.

Fisrt off you don’t need to install the software. I don’ tknow much about Macs but maybe this will help with formatting