Can't see w2k8 Server, but can see Vista Laptop

Hi, i have a WD TV Live since yesterday and am trying to hook it up to my shares on my w2k8 Server. Problem is, that i can’t see the server at all in the Menus. I am able to see my Vista Laptop, but the Server won’t show up. It did show up once, and even was able to playback a movie that was on a share, but it stoped after some minutes and after that the server wasn’t seen in the menus again. I am running 1.01.11 from start, internet connection does work and connection to the vista laptop does work too. Is that a issue with W2k8? (Can’t think of a reason, all other computers can see the shares and vista and w2k8 are the same technically speaking). ATM i am running the box with Network settings from DHCP and they all look fine, also the box is pingable from every computer in the network. Network itself is a cable based 100Mbit Network with just a Workgroup (no Domain) called “Cypher”, but that can’t be the issue either, cause i can see the laptop in the menu. Firewall of Server is switched off. Any ideas? Anyone same issues? Greetings, Michael

Hi there,

problem is getting even stranger…

I discovered, that If the Computer the share is on is visible (that happens sometimes with the w2k8 and almost always with the vista laptop), I can play any video on that share for only 4minutes something. I tested that with 1080p and 720p material. After that 4minutes something, there is a error message, that the network share isn’t available anymore and after klicking “ok”, the computer the share was on isn’t visible anymore.

Could it be, that the box i bought simply is broken? That is some quite strange behaviour.