Can't see USB drives

I have a new WD EX2 with 8TB of storage. The device and storage are working fine. I’m using the device’s built in management site under http://wdmycloudex2.local/ and I should be able to plug in a USB external drive to be part of the NAS setup however none of the drives are ever recognized. The drives work fine if plugged into a pc/mac and I’ve tried various file systems as well.

Any thoughts? thanks.


What firmware are you running on the unit? 

The USB drive should appear as a share once is connected.

By the way, welcome to the WD Community. 


I’m running firmware 1.05.36.



I also can’t see my attached USB devices. Drop down menu says “There are no USB devices found” yet I have 2 devices attached both doing NAS to USB backups.
Firmware 2.12.127
Have I missed something in settings?