Can't see upload progress

Can’t see upload progress from external hdd and my mycloud ex2 ultra direcly connected via usb, when I connected it from usb port it started copy and after almost one day is still working and I can’t figure out where can I check the progress…
The external hdd ave two partitions, one in fat32 and one in ntfs, is that ok or the ntfs can’t be read from mycloud website from my mac?

Hi @majinbou,

For NAS to USB Backup:
External USB drives file system format must be FAT32, NTFS or HSF+ and in some cases exFAT. USB drives used for My Cloud backups should not contain macOS Time Machine or Windows System backups. For more details regarding file system support, please refer to the link: External USB Drive File Systems Supported on a My Cloud

NAS to USB Incremental Backup is not supported also, please ensure that your My Cloud product firmware is up to date. For assistance with updating My Cloud firmware, please refer to the link: How to Auto Update Firmware on a My Cloud