Can't see private shares - Mac

Bought and set up our new My Book Live a couple weeks ago, and set up a couple private shares via the setup software (on the .dmg on the drive). I used one of these with Time Machine to perform backups, and it has been working great up until a couple days ago.

When I connect as the registered user for the share, I can see the public share, but not the private one. Time Machine can’t use the drive (can’t find the share), and the setup software won’t actually *do* any of the setup or open the drive (hitting the “Open your MyBook Drive,” or “Setup you MyBook Drive” buttons do nothing). Also, WD Quick View isn’t running (attempting to reinstall just tells me it’s already there).

Any idea as to why the private shares aren’t showing up, or why the Setup software and WD Quick View aren’t working correctly? This also happens from the other machine on the network, so it’s not specific to the laptop I’m on.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there, as far as I know the MBL will try to hide TM backups on a private share that can only be accessed when you try to set TM as a guest rather than a registered user, have you tried this?