Can't see mycloud on network using Macbook Air

I cant find Mycloud on the network using my Macbook Air. I am using Mojave OS but it is impossible to find the drive?
If i log in using the app, i can access all files but for some reason i cannot find it on the network. Can anyone help solve this for me?
I have a MYBOOKWORLD that is the same!
I wondered if it was because the drives are using 2.4ghz wireless and my macbook is using 5ghz?

Hi Gary,

Please know the WD Discovery compatibility for DAS and NAS drives-

The My Cloud Home is a completely different device than the My Cloud. The WD Discovery program apparently does not apply to the My Cloud line.

For the single bay My Cloud one can use WD Access or WD Quick View. Both of which can be downloaded from the My Cloud Download section:

Can you access the My Cloud by it’s IP address using a web browser?

How is the MY Cloud connected to the network? The My Cloud is not a wireless network device. It must be connected directly to the local network (generally the router) using an Ethernet cable. Check the network router to ensure all devices are using the same IP subnet (example 192.168.1.x) and that the WiFi network is not being isolated from the wired Ethernet network. Often called “network isolation” or “WiFi isolation” or something to that effect.