Can't see mycloud on network or site

I have a MyCloud 6TB.
The other day, my cloud completely stopped sharing. I unplugged it, then could access via windows and the IP, but not steam content without freezing. Then…it stopped again. The internet also went out for a few hours. Upon everything coming back up, the box won’t work. I reset, I unplugged, and did all the basic stuff.
Months ago, I did a 40 second reset that fixed an issue. I did that this time, and it’s been 2 entire days. The drive is moving, the light is a solid…pinkish/white, and I still can’t access anything on any device or through the IP or site.
Is it just indexing everything? If so, can I just bypass it?

Been on for 3 full days. Still white and no access.
If I reset it, it’ll be white for 2-3 min, flash once, then back to solid white. I can feel it spinning, but no access.
Any help would be great!

No takers?

I guess I’ll just post my process for other unfortunate users…
I removed my HD from the MyCloud, and it boots up.
The issue seems to be the board. It only goes to a white state forever. I’ll likely just put the HD into a different NAS and keep moving.

Did you put the My Cloud hard drive into another My Cloud enclosure and boot the drive? If you only connected the My Cloud hard drive to a computer then you are not “booting up” the My Cloud rather you are using a computer operating system to access the hard drive. One can use a Linux OS to access a My Cloud hard drive to view/recover user data and to perform an “unbrick” process to restore the My Cloud hard drive to operation.

There are a number of reasons why a My Cloud may not boot properly or be seen on the local network. One being the broadband provided router may interfear with the My Cloud. The workaround is put a switch between the My Cloud and router. WD Support has a knowledge base article on that specific issue.

After removing the My Cloud hard drive from it’s enclosure one can attempt to recover the user data (if the drive hasn’t been damaged/corrupted) using a Linux OS (or a Windows driver). One can use a Linux OS to “unbrick” the hard drive to attempt to restore it to default factory settings. This may also involve deleting the drive’s contents during the unbrick process so recover any data before trying one of the various unbrick processes. Those processes can be found by using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) and searching for “unbrick”.

User Fox_exe has a set of directions for each single bay My Cloud version that many have used with success.
FIrst gen:
Second gen:

Good info. I put a Linux reader on my laptop, and can access everything via a USB 3.0 enclosure.
I don’t have another mycloud to test with. I’ll try the switch method. I wouldn’t think I’d need one, since it’s been working for 3 years on the same setup.