Can't see my WDTV in network page anymore

OK so I used to be able to see my WDTV SMP in the computer section of Win 7 home premium when I clicked on network and I was able to drag files from my PC to the 2 external drives that are hooked up to it. That was a great feature. Why is it gone now? The only WDTV I see anymore is in media devices and that’s the login, change themes kinda access. Can’t access the attached drives from there. How do I get this feature back . It was so much easier that way. Now I have to unplug my external drives and take them to my PC for file transfers. 

Actually I fixed this problem (sort of) The device used to show under computers attached to the network but it no longer does. Well I went to map network drive and typed in the IP of the SMP with the name of the drive I wanted to connect to and now I’m able to see that drive. example \\TV_Shows .Did that for both drives and now they appear as networked drives. So I found a work around. please close this thread.