Can't see my pics from "world book live" on iphone app "wd photos"


I don’t know why… But I can’t see my pics no meter what I try.



There’s no such thing as “World Book Live.”

There’s the “My Book World” and the “My Book Live.”

Which do you have?

you right…

its the “My Bokk World”


The MBW requires the WD Photos CLASSIC app.  Is that the version you have?

If you are using that, then I would suggest you ask a moderator to move this thread to the correct forum.


i have the “WD Photos CLASSIC” app

but after connecting my device to this app i still cant see the photos that stord inside from my iphone

Sorry, I’m confused.

Can you see the pictures on your My Book World via the WD Photos Classic app?

Yes. That’s the problem.

I have the “My Book World” and a lot of photos inside.

I got the “WD Photos Classic” for my 3Gs Iphone to be able to see the photos everywhere (that’s the point).

The problem is that I had registered my “My Book World” but when IM connecting to it from the iphone I can’t see any pictures.

Now you understand my problem?

Do you have the photos stored in the correct folder on the My Book World?

“correct folder”? you mean the folder were i put the twonky server as the photos folder?

Twonky doesn’t have anything to do with WD Photos.

photos need to be in 

\public\Shared Pictures