Can't see my photos


I am an iPad newbe. So far I have been using my WD My BWE only with PC computers. This means I have few folders (mapped as separate drives) that I have been using. One of them is simply Photos.
I got my iPad, installed WD Photos, can acces my device (both at home and at work) but it does not shows any photos on the disk. What shold I do?

Photos needs to be stored in the folder called Shared Pictures in your Public directory of your MBWE. Also, you will not see all your photos right away as there is a transcoder that converts these photos into thumbnails & iPad size images. Each time you reselect your device on your iPad - it will load up more photos.

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Thanks! It works! :slight_smile:
Where to find info. How to access other files om my WD NAS from iPad? How to stream movies, etc?

Our WD 2go app does give you access to your files - however, it’s only for My Book Live (not MBWE) as it has our new 2nd generation remote access technology (also called wd2go).

Any other differences between WD world and live? Should I change m NAS?

There a number of big differences between the two.

the My Book Live uses latest gen Power PC processor to give you fastest in class read/write speeds. You will want to make sure your network can support this. What I mean by that is similar to buying a Porsche, then running it on regular gas and only driving it at 35MPH. You want to have a Gigabit router with Wireless N at a minimum. Your PC’s should also have Wireless N. If you don’t, then you won’t see the performance that you can get with the My Book Live.

The MBL also has a new featre called Safepoints - allowing you to backup the complete My Book Live to another NAS on your network.

The MBL also has the WD 2go support - for both PCs/Macs through and with Mobile Apps for iOS and Android.

There are other minor features that make it a great investment, but those are the big ones. Go browse the MBL forums on this web site to get an idea on the product.



All my photos are under this folder but still can’t see any of them. They are organized in sub-folders and there is also a few JPG at the root of the Shared Pictures folder but cannot see anything. The WD2go app is working fine but the WD Photos app is not showing anything.

But if I add a picturetaken from my iPad2 to the library using WD Photos, I can see the images and it is also saved on the disk. So this is not a connection problem…

Help please…


Then,if i want to share another documents with a friend, i have a problem. If i want to see my private pictures with wd photos, i am sharing those pictures at the same time with those documents. The solution might be that the application wd photos let me see the pictures from another folders. What do you think about this? Sorry for my english. Thanks and greetings from Gijon.

Yesterday I have added few new photos, since then ( tried reinstalling WD photos, clearing cache, re loving, etc). I can not see any photos. I can see list of albums/ folders, once clicked I can see all of them (icons) on the left but on the right, where actual photo shoal apperception nothing but big WD logo of photos. It looks like the software does not even starts to read the photo to display it. I can put screenshots on my skydive if that might help you understand.
Please help, my Mom is in the hospital and I want to show her pics of my Son.

I have a My Book live . When using  My Android phone with Wd Photos to view the picures I see a limited number of folders . I have reset the cache several times .  I have a 1GB Cache is this the limiting factor?